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What To Do

Stay calm. Many dental problems can be dealt with at home, until you have an opportunity to see your dentist.
If your emergency is life-threatening or you are in extreme pain, dial 911 and notify emergency medical professionals immediately.

Dental Emergencies - General Problems

  1. Usually lasts for approximately 2 - 4 hours after treatment.
  2. If still experiencing numbness after 8 hours, contact your dentist.
  1. If you are experiencing pain even after taking over the counter pain relievers, contact your dentist for a possible prescription.
  1. If persistent and unable to stop with pressure, contact your dentist immediately
  1. Rinse mouth with warm salt water.
  2. If swelling persists, contact your dentist

Dental Emergencies - Jaw Problems

Jaw Injury:
  1. If teeth fit together properly when the mouth is closed:
    • Apply ice to control swelling and take ibuprofen or similar remedy to control pain
    • Restrict diet to soft foods and if no improvement occurs within 24 hours, contact your dentist
  2. If teeth do NO fit together properly when the mouth is closed:
    • Immediately seek emergency care
    • Gently align the jaws
    • Immobilize the jaw by wrapping a cloth bandage under the chin and securing it over the head
    • Apply ice
    • Do NOT blow nose
Injury to the Soft Tissues (Gums, Cheek, Tongue) of Mouth:
  1. Gently rinse mouth with cold water.
  2. Apply pressure to wound with clean cloth, gauze or tissue.
  3. If bleeding persists, contact your dentist or visit a medical emergency room.

Dental Emergencies - Tooth Problems

Broken/Fractured Tooth:
  1. Clean the injured area and apply ice to minimize swelling.
  2. Save the broken piece (for possible reattachment).
  3. Call your dentist immediately.
Extruded Tooth (tooth pushed out of place):
  1. Gently push back in place, if possible.
  2. Call your dentist.
Avulsed Tooth (tooth knocked out):
  1. Gently rinse off tooth while holding it by the crown (top of tooth).
  2. Attempt to place back in socket, or if not possible store briefly in cold milk or salt water.
  3. Call your dentist immediately.